Tuesday, 3 December 2013

A new era - Some Senior Citizen Association’s Actively Aging like never before

What we feel, how we think and what we do about it…. Is all in our hands!

Age is just a number, happiness a state of mind. You earned your living, your respect and now it’s time to be recognized for it. Make the changes you have only envisioned, possible. Senior Citizen Associations have started taking charge of their happiness by forming AdvantAge Chapters to stay physically, mentally and socially active with a common goal in mind.

18 senior citizens of “Varishtha Nagarik Kalyan Samiti Janaki Puram Vistar” were inspired by the Concept and formed 3 AdvantAge Chapters. They identified their locality's need and took up projects as mentioned below:
1. Promote traditional rainwater harvesting system
2. Collect old clothes & distribute amongst the underprivileged.
3. Implement a proper system for disposing plastic bags. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

We hope this enthusiasm takes over “The City of Nawabs” and also encourages other cities to follow the suit.

Picture courtesy Mr. A. K. Singh, Director & State Head (U.P.)

Freedom Fighters Enclave, a vivacious community of senior citizens who enjoy growing younger day by day, are a group, whose tales shall make you want to be a part of the action. Their Senior Citizen Association was registered in year 2004, after receiving a grant from the Government. This liberal, generous and insightful group of 35 members is now reaping the benefits of their initial struggle.

This group identified few areas which a senior citizen misses after retirement. It varied from going out and eating a simple chaat-papri to not seen a movie at the theaters from last 20 years, going for a vacation or pursuing an activity regularly. 

They took action on all these points and included a taste of these for their group members on a regular basis. They noticed that people want to be involved in activities but need to be regularly encouraged. After months of regularly pursuing their friends, these activities have become their habits now.

Pursue an Activity
The Unique Badminton Club for seniors has been formed, an initiative of Mr. K.D. Bhatia (an Executive Member of the Society). Since this club has started, it has formed a group of confident and passionate players. The age group in this club varies from 63 to 78 years. This group is the perfect example that age is no bar. 

Members of the Senior Citizens Badminton Club, Freedom Fighter Enclave

Vacation Regularly
Freedom Fighters Enclave senior citizens take out time to travel; it’s definitely done wonders for them. After a well planned and discounted especially for seniors 10 day trip to an hill station, they are all set to go to Tamil Nadu. 

Share your Happiness
Sharing is caring. Good times are meant to be celebrated in style. Collectively celebrating festivals and birthdays is part of their ritual.

Help the under-privileged
Homeopathy is a privilege to all members along with the community they live in. Medicines are provided at discounted rates.  They cater to many local areas around Freedom Fighters Enclave colony. They also annually distribute blankets to the underprivileged.

Spread the word
They are willing to lend a hand to other senior citizens groups also who would like to adopt their mantra. We call them... Super-Seniors!

Freedom Fighters Enclave’s SCA believes in enjoying the benefits of retirement- socializing, relaxing, exercise, gaming, event planning and do socially useful work; they take pride in it. 

We look forward to seeing more AdvantAge Chapters being formed.

Get ideas and get inspired! Practice Active Ageing!