Monday, 17 September 2012

Success so far.....

Conceptualized in January 2012, the program was launched in April 2012. In this short span of 5 months, the program has notched up more than 102,000 members. More than 550 Associates including hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, hotels, travel companies and professionals such as doctors, lawyers as well as retail outlets providing a wide range of goods from apparel to fruits have joined the program.

528 Senior Citizen Associations across 22 states of India have come together using this program platform. 25 offices of HelpAge across India are actively recruiting members and associates. Also, the website has succeeded in drawing in more than 700 volunteers for this program who have begun the work of enrolling members and associates.

In the short duration of five months, the website has already impacted the lives of more than 100,000 members. Today, countless volunteers and associates have joined in a joyous celebration of the program and its principles of Active Ageing.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

About the AdvantAge movement

Currently HelpAge India serves the under privileged elderly through various services in the areas of financial assistance and medical help. It also supports grass roots NGOs across India working for the welfare of elderly.

However even the more privileged senior citizens in India need assistance and emotional support. They face problems of shrinking incomes post retirement, consequently reduced consumption, lack of assistance in performing outdoor chores, lack of peer group companionship, avenues for intellectual stimulation, lack of available paid and un-paid occupations and most importantly the crushing loneliness of old age.

HelpAge India is attempting to create an umbrella movement for retirees and those about to retire to address there emotional and physical assistance needs. This movement looks to provide the means to stretch the disposable income by making available a host of discounted product services and facilities. It would provide a social platform to allow the members to interact within the group and also access training, vocational, occupation and other opportunities.