Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Abounding Energy - Age is no Relevance

Here is a brief of my daily activity at this prime, old age of 85+. How I keep myself fit physically, healthy and happy mentally.
1. By grace of God and my parents, I have been blessed with a disease-free body.
2. I relish vegetarian diet as I am born among a traditionally vegetarian family.
3. Human body is a just like an Engine, needs energy, ie HORSE POWER.
    To this I add, WILL POWER, GOD POWER.

   I believe, and very confidently so, that humans must live upto 100 years, their natural age limit.
   For this, I daily muster "Will Power and God Power",
   former through care-free "Active Life" and latter "Prayer" for a while. 

4. To ensure body fitness, ensure that, "Your Head is Cool, Your Stomach is Soft, Your Feet are Hot".
"Peir Garam, Peit Naram, Sir Thanda". I observe this Indian Saying and I am proud that I never need medical aid in life, so far. 
5. I am a Widower. Unfortunately, I lost my wife in a road accident 25 years back. Since then, I have realized that being single, I have to take extra care of my health. Only your better half is worried about your health and life.
6. I have a family of three sons and two daughters. All the five are well settled with their individual families separately. Although I am a "Single Parent" to them, I don't worry for them unless they are sick. God forbid. Yet, as a responsible single parent, I am always concerned about their welfare.
7. At my sweet-home, "Whispering Palm", I enjoy my old age with my youngest son, daughter-in-law, grandson and granddaughter. All of them are adults. All are very caring, loving for me.

And above all they have HUMAN TOUCH for me - this GRAND OLD MAN.
It is because of their human touch quality that they endevour to keep me alive - happy and healthy upto 100. I feel I am one of the most fortunate senior citizen on earth. 
Thank God. Thank my Inner Family. Thank HelpAge India.

"If you are physically fit and happy, only then you can be mentally and morally healthy also.
This is TRUE not only for an INDIVIDUAL, but also for a NATION."

On Horse Back at Musoori Hill Station
"Me, a pampered gentleman, I too value horses.
Horses do respond in return to my love, they give me HORSE POWER"
Submitted by Mr. Manmohan Sethi, Rohini, Delhi

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