Friday, 20 September 2013

Mutation Rules of DDA, MCD, Transport Department amended to Friendly mutation rules benefiting all citizens of Delhi

It is hard to fight off the feeling that after retirement your utility to society is negligible. But the fact is, senior citizens have a wealth of experience, which if channeled appropriately, can hugely benefit society. It was this zeal that motivated me after I retired 15 years ago, as human resource person to achieve something for all  citizens of Delhi - to make Mutation Rules for Immovable property in MCD, DDA, Transport department and Land & Development Office (L&DO), citizen friendly.

In this endeavor I was helped by one person- Late Shri  H D Shourie, founder  of Common Cause and also my interest in land matters and legal knowledge. All my education while working also helped to make me tough.

My singular, constant and relentless efforts for more than a decade resulted in mutation rules of immovable property in DDA, MCD and Transport department amended. Now they do not insist  for "No Objection Certificate" from other legal heirs in case one has registered will in his favor.

It may be mentioned that earlier even for transfer of 20 year old scooter, even when one had registered will in his favor, one had to obtain no objection certificate from all legal heirs in India/abroad. No longer now.
Mutation rules of area under land & development office i.e. New Delhi area and around 80 colonies in Delhi and New Delhi are likely to be amended shortly; I have copy of legal advice given by Asstt Legal Adviser, Ministry of Law which is totally against such a rule being followed by L&DO.

Following opinion has been sent to me by Dy L&DO himself with his letter dated 9th September, 2013.
"If the will is registered under section 17 of the Indian Registration Act, 1908, no need to obtain NOCs from the other legal heirs of the deceased lessee. If it is insisted, it is nothing but a disobedience of an act passed by the parliament.................................."

It is now question of time before mutation rule of L&DO are also amended and will not insist for NOC from other legal heirs in case one has registered will in his favour. 

One may not understand and appreciate importance of changes brought about by me in mutation rules in DDA, MCD, RTO and Contemplated L&DO but it has brought relief to many families. Only those who have suffered from whims of "babus" will appreciate this.

It has taken me 7 years to achieve this single handed and no one was ever prepared to help me. In fact most discouraged me to follow this path- Difficult paths are the best paths in life and happiness which it gives to you cannot be described in writing.

Readers kindly note following: 
If  officials of  L&DO/ MCD/ DDA / NDMC Transport Department insist for NOC from other legal heirs from you even when you have registered will in your favor, please contact me for necessary advice.

Mr. Narendra Ahuja
PG DIP Manchester Business School

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