Thursday, 28 January 2016

Let's Furnish the Needs of an Old Age Home! #81Smiles

Krishna’s voice, each morning, resonates at a local temple in Cuddalore with her melodious prayers, drawing people towards the temple. But not many know about the pain she hides behind these prayers. She lost both her children early in life. At their old age, Krishna and her husband lost all support, with no roof over their heads.

Today, Krishna is a resident of Tamaraikulam Elders Village or TEV, the first Home for the Aged constructed by HelpAge India and her life has change three sixty degrees.

“There was nobody to look after us. Thus we came to this HelpAge Home. It has been 6 years now,” says Krishna.

 Watch TEV's beautiful stories by clicking on the above video.

Krishna is not just another resident of the home, but also the main store manager and accountant, managing the home’s finances. It keeps her happy, active and gives her a sense of self-worth. But like any home, Tamaraikulam needs constant care and supplies for its upkeep, so that its elder residents live with the much needed care and comfort, to spend their later years in dignity. 

HelpAge has partnered with Snapdeal so that with your help these necessities can directly be handed over for 81 elderly residents in the Tamarikulam Elders Village (TEV) Old Age Home. 

Click on: and contribute a simple household item in kind. Each bit counts!


Situated at Cuddalore, about 20 km from Puducherry, TEV provides an end-to-end solution for elders with multiple age friendly facilities. The home is self-sufficient in terms of energy and food, and has adequate medical facilities. The most unique aspect of the home - it encourages active ageing to keep them physically active and mentally alert as well as financially secure through  livelihood - building schemes like farming and making handicrafts. Built by HelpAge, through the donations made by the viewers of NDTV, the village is recognized as a model old-age residential project by the Government of Tamil Nadu. This free stay facility for the rural poor can accommodate 100 residents’ and serves as a safe haven for many others like Lakshmi who have found the warmth of a home again.

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