Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Social Impact Story from HelpAge's Grassroot Eye Care Camps

Madhu Saha, 75, started to lose his eyesight and it put a huge strain on him and his family. 

The loss of vision made him unbearably unhappy as he was unable to do his income earning work of cooking food and delivering it to the customers. He started to feel like a burden to his family members who were now also doing his share of work. 

Therefore, when he heard about an eye screening camp run by Bharati Sangha in association with HelpAge India and Acclaris through campaigning and leaflets, he visited the camp. At the screening center, Madhu was diagnosed with cataract in both eyes. He was brought to Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre at Salt Lake Base Hospital for operation in his right eye and after the operation he got his vision back.

Madhu is overwhelmed! He chuckled with extreme delight when the bandage was removed and he could see everyone clearly. 
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He is now back to work and is cooking and delivering food to his customers without trouble.

Your contributions to HelpAge go a long way in spreading light. Truly! :)

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